Special Profile Wpc Board Production Line With Conical Twin Screw Extruder





For the past few years profile extrusion system which used for PVC and WPC profile, are developed significantly in the light of technological improvements. Focusing on higher quality, longer durability and energy saving systems, as a result of market circumstance and production conditions. LANGBO MACHINERY targets to provide the optimal solutions for demand and needs of the industry.


Conical Twin Screw Extruder is designed for the PVC profile application. We target to provide the optimal solutions for the customer’s special needs with the advantage of flexibility in material choices, high performance and long durability.


High flexibility in raw material combinations

Gentle and homogeneous plastification

Barrel with air cooling system

AC motors for low energy consumption

Control panel with color touch screen

Product Range

Screw diameters 51,65,80mm


We offer a wide range of calibration tables, providing an optimal and tailor-made solution for every need and application.


Motor-driven height and side movement

Motor-driven longitudinal movement

Manuel tilting movement

All parts that are in contact with water is made of stainless steel

Product RangeLow maintenance cost

Table length from 4,5 to 14 mt

Vacuum pumps can be added upon request


On our caterpillar haul-off units, we provide the optimal solutions for the customer’s needs with the advantage of flexibility in pad dimensions and track lengths. Our haul-offs are equipped with two independent tracks with gearboxes with continuous speed adjustment by inverter.


Flexibility in pad dimensions

Two independent tracks with gearboxes

Speed adjustment by inverter

Product Range

Pad width range from 220 to 500 mm

Tracks length from 1400 to 2000 mm

Extrusion offers two types of cutting units for profile applications: Saw (TK-series) and guillotine (GK PRO) cutting systems. Depending on the customer’s preference, we can install these units in our integrated haul-off and cutting combination or supply separately. As option, for window sill and similar wide panel profiles, we also supply cross-cut system (CC PRO) for cutting profiles into smaller measurements in width. In addition to these units, our blade cutting unit (BK-series) is ideal for cutting profiles with a max. height of 8 mm, without any dust and chips.


Saw Cutter


Different saw dimensions for special profiles
Low maintenance cost

Includes dust absorber unit

Adjustable cutting speed


Titling Table Features

Table material is stainless steel

Tilting system is pneumatic

Product Range

Length is 6 mt on standard

Length can be modified upon request

Depending on profile geometry, we can also offer roller-type tables


The complete extrusion consists of following items:

  • Conical Twin Screw Extruder:

It is used for melting and stirring plastic material. LANGBO adapts special screw and barrel type that provide perfect mixing and homogenous. We use special gear box for the Extruder which has axial bearings. Transfer the motor to the screw. For minimizing electricity consumption, we use the famous brand of driving motor of “SIEMENS” on our Extruder. Automation system designed with PLC and touch panel controller can be selected.

  • Mould:

Our mould designing gives ideal viscosity to melt material for profile producing. It gives profile or shape to plastic after processing. All faces the plastic in contact with is polish, so that frication losses minimized.

  • Calibration Table:

The shaped profile that come from mould is subjected to calibration and cooling processing on the calibration table. The designing of calibration table varies according to the type and characteristic of the profile. The area that contacts with water is made of stainless steel in order to prevent corrosion.

  • Caterpillar Haul-off:

The designing of caterpillar haul-off changes depending on the contact area that is related to the profile measurement. The inverter control is standard on all caterpillar haul-off. For this reason, as the speed can adjusted with respect to material output rate. The caterpillar haul-off is also capable of making measurement adjustment through speed control equipment.

  • Saw cutter:

In the speedy working condition, profile saw works with high efficiency in term of cutting frequency. As the saw table and clamps move synchronously. The saw cuts the profile in required length.

During the cutting processing, swarf and dust appears, in order to prevent these in production area, there is a dust collection unit is integrated in saw cutter. This unit absorbs swarf, dust effectively and removes to storage.

  • Tip-off unit:  It operates on pneumatic cylinder.

Special Profile Wpc Board Production Line With Conical Twin Screw Extruder
Special Profile Wpc Board Production Line With Conical Twin Screw Extruder


WPC Profile Extrusion Line

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